Sunday, June 26, 2011

How the word "Hezbollah" stole the word "Iran"

In Persian we have a saying that, "he puts the food in his mouth, via his neck", "Loghma ra az pushte gardanesh too dahanesh mizareh". Read on and find the simplest solution to the mess we are in.

In a hundred or a thousand years from now, you will find that some comedian, will say just that about the current situation in Iran. Why do I say that? Because the answer to Iran's problems is very simple. Call me what you like, but I see one common factor amongst all the problems. It is not a political, religious, or a cultural one. Nope, nothing to do with democracy and freedom and all that jazz. Guess. Now don't cheat and read on. Pause and think. Think. Think again. Ask yourself, "what is it that is everywhere when we write about Iran? It does not matter what the point we are making is, we are always using it. Think. Well the answer, duh brain, is the word "Iran".

There are situations when we must not use the word "Iran". In Persian we stick to this rule very carefully, we will use the word "Hezbollahi" or "Hezbollah", to describe those people who have those particular ideologies. We do not say, "An Iranian killed an Iranian woman, for wearing a mini-skirt" do we? We say, "A Hezbollahi killed a .... ". So why is it that the such reports are spun differently, when it is written in another language. Get my drift? That is what I am "on about" as they say in Cokney English.

"No respect" as Ali G. would say. And it is not just written by foreigners. An Iranian reporter writing for AP does it all the time. And unlike here, where we get a kick where it hurts, when we are out of line, these people do not get hit. Their words spread like shit hitting a fan. And we Iranians are seriously pissed off, when we see that incorrect word and syntax, is everywhere. "Khak bar saresh" we say. For this reason alone I set up a group in Wall Street Journal, where I point out these articles. Have a look, you will be greatly amused.

The Hezbollahis are not responsible for this situation. You would think that they would be, if you keep thinking that they are clearly anti-Iranian. But look a bit out of the box. Their websites very clearly use the correct terminologies to push their own cause. A virus has a cause, you might not like its cause, and label it a virus, but it has a cause. I have put links there, and you can see for yourself that the Hezbollahis stick to their phraseologies very clearly.

Is it the Arabs? Well those false nationalists that think that all our problems are rooted in blaming "Arabs" would think so. We won't go into all that here. That is a real Ashreshteh, and it will take a while for you to digest that. But look at the Arab Spring. They showed that their Sunni system does not allow religious government, and that is why they do not like the Kingdom of Islam, as the Seyyeds want under their Shiite system. If there ever was Royalty in the world, it is the Seyyeds', who are the most organised Royalty in the world. They do not consider Iranian culture as part of their system. They need a new Kingdom in Najaf, and a seat in UN called, Ayatollah Shiite System (ASS) right alongside The Holy See.

You are pissed off at the state of the poor in the world. You want to blame someone. So what do you do? You look at the rich ones. Naturally you end up in America. That is what everyone does. Never mind that most of the people in America started from nothing. "American Capitalist Pig" is the scream. Who benefits from this? Well you would think the Hezbollahis do. Think again. The US government's way of spending its own taxpayers' money, is what is at the root of all this. Look at US GDP chart and learn. Who benefits from all that money? The US military suppliers. They love war.

Ahhh .. now mebeenee ke I am right. I remember when the war in Iraq started, US TV was interviewing this woman, who said that, with use of Tomahawks in Iraq, she would seriously improve her job situation. Never mind that they still didn't have decent housing, school or medical system. At least she could go and get money for making weapons to kill people in Iraq. The current administration is trying hard to cut down the size of the military expenditure. Now the same situation applied to Iran under the Shahanshah. And the moment he stopped buying, he was out. The Hezbollahis are wasting the public purse just the same way. They are creating a lot of fear for the military suppliers. They are not out. The moment they talk peace, and they are out. So how are they portrayed?

The word "Taliban" is used in Afghanistan to identify a unique group. The word "Afghanistan" is not used when the Taliban have been in involved. So when the US warplanes hit the Taliban in Afghanistan, the situation is contained. The same goes for the word "Hezbollah" in the Lebanon. In Lebanese politics reports they even say "Iranian guards ..." and say "Hezbollah in Lebanon", when they should say Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran. I have shown the articles at the Wall Street link above.

Imagine if they used the word "Hezbollah" in the same way, when they were talking about the nuclear program. Just recently someone who really should know better, used the word "Iran" in the title, when he really should have used "Hezbollah". Now if he had used the word "Hezbollah", and all the Israeli press did the same, then the nuclear rights of Iranians would not be mixed up with the nuclear ambitions of the Hezbollah in Iran and elsehwere.

I hope I have been clear and precise. I am sure that in the long run, we as writers, cannot fight them or contain them with swords, but if we are going to win with words, then we must use the correct words to contain them. Certain people know what they are doing is wrong. Some don't know what they are doing is wrong.

The Persian is better:
harkas ke bedanad va bedanad ke bedanad, asbe kherad az gonbade gardoon berahanad. harkas ke bedanad va nadanad ke bedanad, bidar konidash ke basi khofte namanad. harkas ke nadanad va bedanad ke nadanad, lengan kharake khish be manzel beresanad. har kas ke nadanad va nadanad ke nadanad, dar jahlo morakkab abadoddahr bemanad!!! source

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Abusing the name of Iran

If you open the first page of human history, you will see that for the first time on Earth some human beings in this part of Earth wanted to have peace on Earth and bulid a civilization.

Civilization began when the people felt they were not a threat to their neighbour and could cooperate t build a better life on Earth. Ancient Iranians invented writing an this was neccessary in order that information could regarding property could be passed down. The Pro-Elamite language is the mother of all languages. The ancient Iranians wrote a lot and much of it has been lost by religious invasions that wanted to establish themselves by destroying the past. Of course that has failed and we Iranians via the vocal tradition have kept the ancient books. The Zend Avesta is one such book and its ancient chapters connect to the Rig Veda. These are books that relate to 12780 years of history as based on the Hezar Bahreh calendar.

So the roots of Iranians are very deep, perhaps the deepest as the famous Gnome project suggests. Iran was the central hub from which human migration from Africa crossed the Straits of Hormuz and the dispersed all over the continent. So the Iranian plateau has been the cross roads of civilizations for millennia. That is why three world Empires each three hundred years were created by the people and each lasted three hundred years. This could not be done if there were no strong between the individual people in that area. So the ability of Iranians to be civil is the strongest.

In literature the people of Iran have contributed to works that have shown our ability to be civil. You only need to look at Hafez or Saadi or Molana that were written after religion was destroyed that we see the Iranians create and flourish. So religion was the only force that manged to prevent Iranfrom development from the 7th Century to the 11th. For two hundred years the art of Iran grew and Iranians fourished.

The power of religion managed to destroy the ability of Iranians to be at peace and create. This has been the Achilles heal of Iran and recently it has been used to keep Iran down. The people who have the weapons have terrorised the peace loving Iranians. The weapon traders of this world and other people who do not want a ressurgence of Iran, have helped the Ayatollahs to remain. But the people of Iran have defied the Ayatollahs everyday non violently as recently as 20 March, when we carried out our Noruz ceremony at the exact time of 23:21 GMT of the Spring Vernal Equinox as we have for the past 12780 years. But the world media will not refer to it, as much as it should because they want to keep the Ayatollahs in power, even though they just have guns, and no love from Iranians.  The last thing the media want is civilized Iranians running Iran.

So Iran has been the Bogey Man of the area. No one knows of our historical heritage. They see us as Moslem fanatics, hell bent on being the arch enemy of USA. Of course this only benefits the US which needs fear to keep its military industry alive. The moment there are other better enemies for the US then they will let Iranians get rid of the Ayatollahs, and not them fool the world with their own fake opposition pretending to want regime change.

Please do not refer to the activities of the Ayatollahs, as Iranian. Respect the word "Iran" and keep it separate from the horrible things the Ayatollahs are doing to Iran's heritage.

Thank you and Happy Noruz for you everyday. Noruz Har Ruz Piruz,

Monday, January 03, 2011

It's not Iran stupid!

An amazing Catch-22 that keeps on going.

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"But the US and all the other nations will keep the Ayatollahs around as public enemy number one to bolster their military industry forever.  We all know that that is the main reason for the catch-22 the nuclear fiasco has been doing for the past thirty something years."
- It's not Iran stupid! | (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


At first I thought I would just tweet it, and then send him a direct message.  But now I hear voices that tell me, differently.  We all hear voices from our Free Will and we are moved by them when they shout at us.  And this is becoming louder to me all the time.
One thing that is important to all Iranians is representation.  The culture of Iran is not represented properly at the moment from any institution.  In fact there are plently of institutions whose job is to misrepresent Iran.  But the Royal Institution of Iran has a mandate, and it is not political, religious, or financial.  It represent all that is purely cultural.
The debate over cultural itself as distinct from the political, religious, and commercial is important.  I am not going to dwell on that here.  But what I hear in my heart is the voice deep from the past.  Democracy it cries is a process based on Free Will and the ability to choose, or Gozineshi.  That is first mentioned in the Zend-Avesta.
When the person in charge of the Royal Institution does not know that the Zend-Avesta is at the heart of Iranian culture, and that Gozineshi is at the heart of Zend-Avesta, then we have a disconnect.
I know that Cyrus Reza Pahlavi is doing his best, but serious mistakes like this, especially in front of the Greeks is madness.  Even Alexander the Great who is half Iranian is turning in his grave. 
The voices have calmed down.  Phew. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chinese Hostages

China calls for restarting Iran nuclear talks

The Iranian nation, not the Islamic cult with guns, has been held hostage by China's business practices.

Obama has been black mailed in not taking tough actions on companies that deal with the Islamic regime and US that are based in China.

China is provider of labour and buys US bonds. So the US is in collusion with the Chinese. The left wing in US does not look at the peace dividend if there were military cut backs if there was a non violent regime in Iran.

For our part I say, find another enemy and leave Iran to develop peacefully. Let us have regime change by recognising the true Iranians who put Iran first. Iranians that love Iranian culture that is the oldest in the world and is part of the human heritage.
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hooray as the Ayatollahs are cornered

For how long has the world helped the Ayatollahs remain in power just because they thought they could pretend to be representing Iran, and abuse the income they received for their own agenda.

The world has a duty. It must use the correct wording when it comes to describing the behaviour of the Islamic State. This BBC report uses the word Iran in the wrong context, as it is the Ayatollahs activities they are describing not the behaviours of Iranians.

Iranians have been under the sanctions of the Islamic State ever since 1979. Some would argue that Iranians have been under this inquisition since it was brought back again after the Monguls wiped Islam from Iran and allowed Iranian culture to flourish again. All our famous poets and art flourished under the Monguls. Just look at the miniatures and the poems of Hafez.

It took a bitter force like Islam to stop Iran becoming great and many do not want Iran to be the great force in West Asia. But it will be.

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"Four major energy companies are pulling out of Iran in order to comply with US sanctions, the state department says. Royal Dutch Shell, Total, Statoil and Italy ENI will now avoid US penalties targeting companies which do business with Iran"
- BBC News - Energy firms to quit Iran to comply with US sanctions (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The power of BBC propaganda over Iranian scientists

You know how I hate the BBC. Why? Because it is huge and it's heard by everyone. So it is only important because it makes a big splash, like a big ugly elephant jumping into water. This time it is making waves over the nuclear power plant that has just kick started in the port of Bushehr. Soo what's the big deal Ali you say? Well old fogies like me know stuff that should be put in reports like this and the BBC does "disinformation by omission" very well. They do not tell people that Iran had the full trust of the world in the 60's and 70's. What has changed? The Ayatollahs' invasion of Iran is what has changed. Just like the Nazis took power in Germany, and ruined the reputation of German scientists, these monsters have ruined the reputation of Iranian scientists. The world relies on the media to inform them properly, and the English tax payer is being abused. As a public service, the BBC must give a balanced report, but it does not. It portrays the Ayatollahs as legit. The Ayatollahs rely on the BBC to spread their propaganda, and it works. This is worse than an invasion of Iran in the physical form, with tanks and missiles. In some ways if the Ayatollahs has marched into Iran with an army and took on Iran bravely like soldiers do, then they would have been dealt with a mighty blow. But Islam is illusive and has no centre as such. There is no Pope or Vatican to hold everything responsible. But the people of Iran have managed to gather all the influencial people in this dogma in the government, so that they can be seen in clear day light. We have given them the feeling of power, but have managed to find them all in the process. Their policies are front and centre. The Ayatollahs have seen with their own eyes how successful or unsuccessful they have been with the Iranians. Over years they lost the heart and soul of Iranians. No Iranian calls their children Mohammad. Iranians feel a deeper allegiance to Iranian culture that links to modern world. The phrase Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds, has more power than any sentence in the Koran. So we have distilled this element out of the Iranian world, and it is contained in what is a massive recycling bin. We have effectively quarantined it like a virus in a computer. Now every now and then this worm tries to show that it is doing something for Iran's sake, like this nuclear stuff. But the people know better, even if the BBC does not.

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"Speaking to the BBC Mr Blix also said that it was "very positive" that Russia was operating a nuclear power plant in southern Iran, as it sent a message to Tehran that it could rely on an international market for its nuclear fuel needs."
- BBC News - Blix: Russia-Iran nuclear power plant 'positive' (view on Google Sidewiki)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Iran, Shirin Ebadi, Non-Violence and World Cup 2010

You wonder why this Iranian women with a Nobel Peace Prize, is begging the Ayatollahs to change.  She is not interested in using her accolade to create a non-violent movement, that will benefit all.  Let me explain.  She states, that if the regime does not change, then no one will benefit from the situation.  The non-violent movement, unlike the violent movements, does not justify its violence under "the end justifies the means" principle", like George Bush used in his invasion of Iraq.  Just because you want "Democracy" or "Human Rights", that does not mean you go out of your house and battle.

We are humans, and as human beings we can use peace to be united.  The non-violent movement is united along peaceful lines, and it will eventually unite all of the people of Iran.  Currently we have a small minority ruling over us with weapons, and also in the process of building weapons of mass destruction.  Iran is rich in mineral and human resources, but they have been used to build weapons of mass destruction to defend this small but potent Ayatollah regime.  What is more important, the United States of America's military industrial complex, needs to have the threat element, in order to justify its existence in the Persian Gulf area.  The small minority's forces (IRGC), use their Mahdi Cause and the threat of USA, to siphon the energy and resources of Iranians, to build weapons of mass destruction.  The never ending exchanges between the US and the Ayatollah regime has bought time for the regime and the US to carry plundering their peoples wealth, for useless violent causes.  The world media is of course involved in selling exciting news regarding all this.

We in Iran have withstood the changes the Ayatollahs have tried to make in Iran, in trying to wipe out our culture, from changing the name, to to changing the flag, to changing the national anthem.  We have stopped them non-violently and the Ayatollahs have retreated.  We know who they are, what they are doing, and they are cornered in their ivory towers of power.  They control the media and some streets.  But they still rely on the people of Iran to make bread for them, as they make bread for themselves.  They are like leaches.  But the people of Iran use other new more modern media systems to peacefully connect with each other.  We are the second largest bloggers in the world.  We used Twitter to tell the world how bad the media is, by reporting things the mass media like BBC and AP do not, because they are afraid of the Ayatollahs shutting them out of Iran.  Citizen Journalism is rife in Iran, and has saved Iranian culture.

With the advent of the World Cup, the regime will get a lot of pressure on it, as the youth in Iran will use this occasion to greet and meet, and assemble.  World Cup excites nationalism and Iranian nationalism is what the politicians, religious leaders hate. Their ideologies go counter to nationalism and they will use God or Democracy to get rid of any thing that is Iranian.  But Iranian culture is based on Love and Peace.  Our poetry and philosophy united us, and the world knows this.  Iranians have not defeated, but overcome and absorbed any invader or ruler, be it internal or external.  This ruler is internal, and it makes itself look Iranian, and speaks on behalf of Iranians.  World powers and agencies, that support it, speak of it as if it represents Iran.  This regime does not represent Iran or Iranians.  It represents its own narrow minded version of Islam first, and then Iran.  It has no respect for any other kind of order.  So for Shirin Ebadi to try to deal with the regime, instead of talking about the peaceful change that will take place, whether the regime likes it or not, is wrong.  The regime is small and insignificant and does not need to be begged at to consider change.  The peaceful change in Iran will not hurt the regime, and will create a new Iran, where we can all live with each other. This is not what Mrs Ebadi says.  She talks of a situation that will not benefit all.  She is wrong.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Why the US won't talk to the Hezbollah.

Fact is that once the US starts to talk to the Hezbollah, or the Ayatollahs, then people's imagination will not ride wild. People will then be able to see and feel the debates with the Hezbollah and the Ayatollahs, and the "fear factor" would be diminished.

So who benefits from this "fear factor"? Well the US forces themselves. With no fear, then there would be no need for the US forces in the area. The US military budget needs to be maintained.

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"The U.S. should break with long-standing policy and start talking to Hezbollah in order to "mess with" the Iranian-backed group, a leading U.S. expert on the Mideast told Congress on Tuesday."
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Iran's Ayatollahs are more interested in centrifuges

It is not that they want to have nuclear medicine shoved down people throats for photos, which is what they are saying the rods are for.

But look at this report. It clearly shows the kind of sanctions the Ayatollahs have placed on Iranians. We don't have enough fuel and we it all goes to China for them to make toys for the US consumers.

If Iranians had access to cheap fuel and proper cars to not pollute the country (which is another problem) then an Iranian would be able to function better than anyone in the world.

Why has it taken so long? The US does not want Iran to become the next Japan of the Asia. They used the myth of "democracy" to destabilize Iran. Remember that we had a pseudo-democracy much better than the Ayatollah one, before 1979. At the time the worry was USSR and Communists wiping out our culture. Now we have Islamists wiping out Iran.

Hopefully the oil company that has struggled to modernize with this regime, can get more funding, and sort out the problem. I remember when we had problems with oil wells going down, because the Ayatollahs were more interested in other things.

The internal struggle in Iran continues. The non-violent approach by engineers and others to educate and change the Ayatollahs has been a long struggle. Iran would not be in this situation if we did not have aliens running our country.

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"In the 2009-10 year, Iran produced 44.6 million litres of gasoline every day but consumed 64.9 million litres, forcing it to import the difference, according to official figures."
- Iran aims to become gasoline exporter - official | Business News | Reuters (view on Google Sidewiki)